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Margarita Island - Margarita is a Caribbean island of Venezuela, located at the Northeast of Caracas, the country's capital, within a 35 minute flight, or a couple of hours by ferry from Puerto La Cruz or Cumana. It is one of the most tourist places in Venezuela. We will sh

Universidad Central de Venezuela - La Universidad Central de Venezuela está situada en Caracas en una "ciudad universitaria".

The Ávila - El Paraíso - The raise to the Avila from Cachimbo is one of the most interesting. It is not so popular as Sabas Nieves or La Julia, but it has many charms. It is longer (from 2 to 3 times more than Sabas Nieves), less frequented and you reach a higher point, therefore, a better view.

The Avila - Chacaito - In the Geographic center of Caracas, at the level of Chacaito, you find the raise to the national park ranger’s place Chacaito, in the national park El Avila.

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Espacio Publicitario

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