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Statue of Carúpano

In the North of the Sucre State in Venezuela, between the peninsulas of Araya and Paria, is located the city of Carupano.

A city of happy and friendly people, Carupano was very important at the beginning of the century, as the exporting port of coffee and cocoa. Now it is an excellent departing point to visit Araya and Paria.

The colorful carnivals of Carupano, are probably the best in Venezuela.

Something very curious in this city is the House of Cable, where arrived the first submarine cable between Europe and America, joining the French city of Marseille with Carupano, back in the late XIX century. This house is today the headquarter of the Tomas Merle foundation and the Paria Project, two organizations that are trying to improve the region through a model where tourism, industry, nature and people can coexist with harmony.

House of Cable - Outside in Carúpano
House of Cable - Outside

House of Cable - Inside in Carúpano
House of Cable - Inside

It is in Carupano, where Simon Bolivar, the liberator of Venezuela, issued a decree ending slavery in 1814.

One of the most important squares in Carupano is Plaza Colon (Columbus Square). In fact, it is very close from there, in Macuro (Paria) where Christopher Columbus landed in the American continent for the first and only time, during his third trip. (In all the other trips he was only in islands).

Plaza Colon
Plaza Colon

Church of Santa Catalina de Sena in front of plaza Colon
Church of Santa Catalina de Sena in front of plaza Colon

Thanks to all the trees they have, the squares in Carupano are very nice, and are the meeting place of all people in town.

Museum of Carupano

Plaza Miranda
Plaza Miranda

If you like walking or jogging, you will love this "promenade" by the sea.

''promenade'' by the sea

The church of Santa Rosa de Lima is probably the most beautiful in the city.

Church of Santa Rosa de Lima

Espacio Publicitario

Espacio Publicitario

Historia y Personajes
Andrés Bello
Andrés Bello ha sido uno de los humanistas e intelectuales más importantes de Venezuela y América Latina, destacando como poeta, legislador, filósofo, educador, crítico y filólogo. El tiempo de Bello puede ser dividido en tres partes, Colonia (1781-1810);
Acompañantes gourmet
Los acompañantes de la comida principal son muy importantes: son los que le dan el toque mágico a cada plato. Aquí se presentan varias opciones
Geografía y Naturaleza
Estado Amazonas
El estado Amazonas se encuentra situado en el sur de Venezuela, siendo sus límites el estado Bolívar por el norte; la República del Brasil; el estado Bolívar y Brasil por el este y la República de Colombia por el oeste. Su nombre se debe a su ubicación ge
Casa natal de Simón Bolívar
En Caracas, frente a la plaza de San Jacinto, se encuentra la casa natal del Libertador, Simón Bolívar.

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