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La Fría

La Fría is a small town that lies between the Colonial and Los Bosques routes. It was founded in 1853 as a point of contact between the railroad and other trading centers in Táchira, in the Venezuelan Andes.

La Fría Railway Station
Photo Courtesy of Jakeline Guerrero

During your journey to La Fría, you'll enjoy the local fauna and farms because they are at the side of the Pan-American road. So, if you want to rest from the city and relax while you come into contact with the nature, this is the perfect place to go.

Among the sites of interest you can visit, there is the Bolivar Square and the Sagrado Corazon de Jesus Church, which are very popular. The Saman Park is nearby; its name is due to a very big saman tree that has been there for quite a while.

La Fría also has the La Llovizna Country Club, which is an agritouristic park in which you can interact with animals because it has a petting zoo. Among the animals you'll see, there are cows, goats, llamas, Vietnamese pigs, buffaloes, horses, monkeys, rabbits, turtles, birds, etc.

There, you can learn to ride horses and milk a cow, this park has pools and restaurants where you have to make sure you try the typical Carne en Vara. It's just 5 minutes away from the city centre.

In La Fría there are several night clubs for everyone and a lot of places to eat where you can try the delicious Churros and some yummy ice-creams.

You can visit the coleo track Ramón Enrique Corredor; the Map Stone and the Indian Stone, which are petroglyphs; the old railway station of Táchira; the industrial park of La Fría; the thermal waters La Termoeléctrica; the Bolivarian park; the municipality market and the La Castellana Country Club.

You can also visit La Grita and the nearby mountains, which are very close.

You have to visit this warm town full of nature and people who are willing to teach you new stuff.

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