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Panoramic Views

The Avila and Caracas' east, from Colinas del Tamanaco (Location of the Us Embassy)

Downtown seen from the Avila

University campus (left) and Bello Monte

East of Caracas seen from the park Cuevas del Indio (Caves of the Indian)

Center-east Caracas seen from the Avila

El Marques, at the east, going up to La Julia in the Avila park

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The Avila - The biggest blessing that the City of Caracas has is without any doubt, the National Park El Avila that separates the city to the north with the sea. It’s a truly vegetal lung, as well as an excellent exercise and scattering. It’s also useful to orientate any person,

Pico Oriental - Parque Nacional El Avila (Pico Oriental) y Caracas; - Venezuela

Centro del Ávila - Parque Nacional El Avila (Parte Central) y Caracas; - Venezuela

Hotel Humboldt - Hotel Humboldt - Caracas - Venezuela

Caracas de Noche - Caracas de Noche

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