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The Avila - Sabas Nieves - No Te Apures

One of the most common trips that are made to the Avila is, without any doubt, the raise to the Park Rangers Place of Sabas Nieves, starting from Altamira. Every day, at sunrise, dring the day, and at sunset, hundreds and hundreds of persons go to Sabas Nieves, looking for contact with nature, exercise or a little scattering.

La vista de la ciudad
The sight of the city

Subida de Sabas Nieves

Camino a Sabas Nieves

Banquito de Sabas Nieves

The path is Wide, the ground red toned and the raise pretty strong. Those how are most trained can get there in fifteen or twenty minutes, those how are in good conditions can do the trip in between 25 and 35 minutes, those who aren’t in so good conditions can last about 45 minutes, and those who aren’t in conditions, simply don’t get there. They have to make some new attempts to accomplish the route. Maybe the bench that is shown in the left is an appropriate place for a nice rest.

Once there, there is a platform where the municipality has installed equipment for body-exercising. There is also a small “cave”, where there is the image of a virgin with flowers and candles.

Gimnastas que suben Sabas Nieves

La Virgen de Sabas Nieves

One of the great satisfactions of this trip is to take water from a small fountain. It is fresh water, from the mountain. Sometimes you must stand in a small queue to enjoy from it. You can also buy some home-made ice cream (berry, passion fruit or lemon) in the National Park Rangers Place.

Cola para comprar en Sabas Nieves

But our trip doesn’t end here, although it is very provocative to lay there and rest on the grass, having the city at your feet, behind the trees. We’ll take the ladders to continue rising. We’ll pass by Loma Serrano and arrive to No Te Apures. Another option is the trip to the National Park Rangers Place of Chacaito (Watch some Slides of this trip)

The grass in Sabas Nieves
The grass in Sabas Nieves

The ladders to Loma Serrano
The ladders to Loma Serrano

No te Apures

The raise is hard. In many places, the roots of the trees are used as ladders. During the whole journey, the vegetation is thick; the city is every time more distant. Suddenly, at about half an hour there is a spot with a famous bench, from where you can sit and watch the city.

Subida Ardua de Sabas Nieves

Vista sobre una Piedra

Vista desde el Banquito

But our journey isn´t over yet. After about half an hour or more of walk, we get to the goal, the “No Te Apures” shelter, with the satisfaction of having achieved our goal. If you want water, this is your last chance. There is a small detour and after about two or three minutes there is a pipe that captures the water from a small creek.

No te Apures, Ávila

Abastecerse de Agua en No te Apures

Now you can return, happy due to the excellent exercise that has been made and for having enjoyed of nature, or better yet, you can continue to the “Chair of Caracas” (Silla de Caracas) and from there to the Eastern Peak or Western Peak.

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Caracas - With a population around 4 million, Caracas is the capital and more populated city in Venezuela. It is located close to the Coast (La Guaira Port), but at an altitude of 800 meters (2400 feet), which gives it an unique climate.

Parques de Caracas -

The Avila - Papelón - On one of the Northwestern points of the city, at the level of San Bernardino, you find the route to the national park rangers place “Loma del Viento”. To get there, you can park in the Avila Hotel and start your way up in the mountain, precisely in the entry of the park.

Chacaito Gully - There are to ways to get to the Chacaito Gully: From the Park Rangers Place Chacaito or from Sabas Nieves. The best option is to get from one point and leave by the other. In this narration we start from Chacaito.

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