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Museum of modern Art Sofia Imber

Museo de Arte Contemporaneo

Henry Moore 1982, Figura reclinada
Henry Moore 1982
Figura reclinada

The Museum of Contemporary art of Caracas Sofia Imber was founded in 1973. Its sixteen thousand square meters exhibit a permanent collection of close to three thousand works.

Here we show a small part of the museum's work arts. You can also visit the official page of the museum

Picasso Collection

Picasso Picture 1

Firma Picasso

Picasso Picture 2

Picasso Picture 3

Picasso Picture 4

Picasso Picture 5

Other works

Marc Chagall 1979, Night Carnival
Marc Chagall 1979
Night Carnival

Matisse 1925, Odalisque in pants
Matisse 1925
Odalisque in pants

Joan Miro 1966, Ski lesson
Joan Miro 1966
Ski lesson

Other artists: Magdalena Abakanowicz, Jean Arp, Francis Bacon, Jacobo Borges, Fernando Botero, Georges Braque, Asdrúbal Colemenares, Red Grroms, Henri Laurens, Antonio Lazo, Fernand Léger, Alberto Magnelli, Marisol, Larry Rivers, Auguste Rodin , Antoni Tápies, Victor Vasarely, Miguel Von Dangel, Pedro León Zapata.

Mask vor People

In the museum's store you will be able to buy posters, books, or a mask like this one.

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Espacio Publicitario

Fin Espacio Publicitario

Espacio Publicitario

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