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Tour to Kamadac Falls

Air view of Kavac

Who wants to visit the magnificent Gran Sabana but does not want to make the tour by car, this trip is the ideal choice. You will see fantastic Tepuis and expansive savannas as well as enjoy a boat trip to the beautiful Kamadac waterfall. This tour is undoubtedly one of the most exciting tours in the Canaima/Kavac area, besides being a good alternative to the Angel Falls tour during the dry season, when visiting the Angel Falls is not possible. During this trip, you will sleep in basic camps, in hammocks with mosquito nets. Together with the short excursions, the hike to the Salto Kamadac (2,5 hours walk) is the main point of the program.

Hut in Kavac

This tour can be made any time during the year.

Day 1 - Flight from Ciudad Bolívar to Kavac

Tepuy and huts in Kavac

We take a light plane from Ciudad Bolívar to Kavac. If the weather holds, we will have an impressive view over the Gran Sabana and its tepuis. Arrival at the picturesque Indian village of Kavac, which is situated right at the foot of the Auyan-Tepui's walls, and where we will spend the night.
In the afternoon, hike to the Kavac Canyon. In order to get to this breathtaking waterfall, we have to swim through a small canyon. (-/L/D)

Day 2 Transfer to Kamarata.

Mountain in Kavac

Boat trip on the Acanan River to Kaviva Camp
In the morning, we drive by jeep from Kavac to Kamarata, where our canoe trip begins. We go upstream the black-water Acanan River for about two hours, until we get off at a small trail that takes us to Camp Kaviva. It is a beautiful little camp nearby a river. (B/L/D)

Day 3 Hike to Kamadac fall.

Tepuy in Kavac

We leave the camp and wander through primeval forest until reaching the Salto Kamadac (about 2.5 hrs.). Once there, we can appreciate the scenery of this magnificent waterfall as well as take a refreshing bath. In the afternoon, return to Kaviva. (B/L/D)

Tepuy in Kavac

Day 4 Boat trip back to Kamarata and flight to Ciudad Bolívar

Tourist returning in Kavac

We return on the Acanan River to Kamarata, from where a small plane takes us back to Ciudad Bolívar. If the weather holds, we will fly over the highest waterfall of the world, the Salto Angel. (B/L/-)

(B = Breakfast/L = Lunch Subject to change!/D = Dinner)

Services Included

  • Flights Ciudad Bolívar - Kavac, Kamarata - Ciudad Bolívar and overflight of the Angel Falls (if the weather permits)
  • Trip to Kavac Canyon
  • Boat trip to Salto Kamadac
  • Overnight stays in hammocks (we provide hammocks and the mosquito nets)
  • Meals as indicated
  • English- speaking guide

Not included: Canaima National Park fee (About U.S. $10 p.p.)

Things to bring

Sturdy walking shoes, light cotton trousers, long-sleeved shirt, rain protection, bathing suit, sleeping bag, sun protection/sun blocking lotion, hat or cap, insect repellent, environmental-friendly soap/shampoo, water bottle, flashlight

Please take as little baggage as possible (max. 10 kg), because the space in the airplane and the canoe is limited.

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