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The Canaima national park can be divided in two very different zones.


This is a tropical forest region with no roads. All transportation is done by air. To the North, you can see the Canaima Lagoon. Notice also the Angel Falls (Salto Angel) that come from the Auyantepuy

Occidental Map of Venezuela

East Side

This is the plain region, with a paved road that goes from North to South, reaching Santa Elena de Uairen and continuing to Brasil.

Oriental Mapof Venezuela

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Map of Mochima - Map of Mochima. Geographic location

Map of Venezuela - Detailed Map of Venezuela

Avila Interactive - This map allows you to quickly choose a destination or a route in the national park of Avila and visit it in Venezuelatuya

Map of Los Roques - Map of Los Roques

Map of the Morrocoy National Park - Map

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