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Vista Campamento Uruyen

In the Gran Sabana, south from Auyantepui, we can find the Uruyen camp, one of the possible locations, together with Kavac, to start an expedition to Auyantepui. Near from Uruyen, it is also possible to sail to Canaima, through Akanan and Carrao rivers.

El auyantepuy al amanecer

This privileged place is located in the Uruyen valley, foothill from the Auyantepui. It’s near a beautiful river where you can take a swim or simply relax. Few places can offer such an spectacular sunrise, when the sunrays start illuminating the great walls from the mighty Tepuy

The main way of access to the camp is by plane, on a landing track, located besides the camp. There’s lodging only for 18 persons, something that will surely allow you to forget about problems and stress. The only way to communicate is through satellite telephone.

Una churuata


The “churuatas” (cabins with dry palms roof, build in the traditional generation-long pemon way) that constitute the camp, offer a simple lodging with shower and restroom. But anyway, who wants to use a shower when you’re at less than 50m from the river, where you can decide to simply wash you’re feet, take a walk through the river or take a nice swim. The river has points where its 3m deep.

lanzándose al río

el rio

This camp has no luxuries. Electricity is generated by solar panels, and food has to be brought by plane. The food is simple, but healthy and delicious. The attention is very good. The churuatas do not dispose of air conditioner, but the smooth breeze that comes in through the windows, make tourist use a blanket in the coldest months.

From Uruyen half-day trips can be organized to the Uruyen Canyon. One-day trips to Kavac camp, with its magnificent Canyon (also known as the Kavac Caves) or for those who simply cant stay still, its also possible to make a 4 hour trip to the Guayaraca viewer, 500m above the camp where you can have a lovely sight of the Gran Sabana.

Vista Aérea

Uruyen is a privileged for those who want to forget about their problems and be amazed by nature. For one, two or five days, this trip is excellent to enjoy of this beauty that nature has given us. It is only a click away…

Vista Campamento Uruyen

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