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Hato el Cedral

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Hato El Cedral is a beautiful cattle ranch and an important tourist center for the growing ecological and adventure tourism. It is located in the low plains of the Apure State in Venezuela, near the town of Mantecal.

Deer in el Cedral

Crocodile in el Cedral

This ranch provides its visitors with one of the most outstanding displays of animal wildlife in our hemisphere. It is also considered an ecological reserve.

Hundreds of species of wild animals run free clearly unaware of the danger associated with man's presence, because hunting has been banned for many years. El Cedral is the only ranch where animal are so friendly and abundant, which distinguished as the best on the Venezuelan plains!

Snake in el Cedral

Chigüire in el Cedral

With an extension of approximately 130169 acres, there is a spectacular wildlife. Approximately 340 species of birds have been identified like Herons, Egrets, Storks, Ibises, Black-bellced Ducks, Hoatzins, Scarlet Macaws and Orinoco Geese.

A vast quantity of mammals and reptiles can be seen like Crab-eating Fox, Giant Anteaters, White tailed Deer, Red howler Monkeys, Pink Dolphins, Pumas and Jaguar. Among the reptiles most frequently seen are Cocodriles, Caimans and Anacondas or water snakes. The Capybaras -the largest rodent in the world- have a privileged place with a number that exceeds the 20000.

Ducks in el Cedral

Buho in el Cedral

Dikes have been used to improve the natural conditions of hydrological systems creating large water reserves to help sustain the abundant animal life and vegetation all year round. 140 Km of roads inside the ranch make it possible to visit the different sectors any time of the year.

Bird watchers, adventure tourists, researchers, environmentalists, naturalists and observers of tropical species are the main visitors of Hato El Cedral, who spend marvelous and unforgettable stay enjoying breathtaking sites and friendly personal services.

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