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Los Llanos - The Plains

Sunset in Camaguán
Sunset in Camaguán

One of the most beautiful regions in Venezuela is "los llanos", those huge plains where only the horizon stops your sight. Both, the vegetation and the fauna are full of beauty. Several ecosystems will make a trip to this region an unforgettable one.

River in the Hato La Fé en Corozopando

In this region there are only two very different seasons, where life changes completely: Rainy and dry season. In the first one, the woods, the rivers, the trees show all their beauty. A large part of the region is under the water. In the second one the become yellow and brown, and the dust covers most part of the plains, but that is when all the wildlife converges in the few spots where water is present. It is the season where you can see more birds and animals. The difference between the two seasons is so big, that you can't say that you know the "llanos" if you don't go in both periods.

Duck in the dry season
Duck in the dry season

Samán in the rainy season
Samán in the rainy season

Moving cattle is one of the most important duties in this region, where cattle breeding is the most important economic activity.

People in the plains

A Dara (double-striped thick knee) of of the most common birds in the region

There are many different animal species. In the rivers and ponds you can find crocodiles and toninas (similar to dolphins), in the land deers, chiguïres (capybaras), jaguars and foxes, on the trees monkeys and birds.


Deer in the Hato Piñero
Deer in the Hato Piñero

Summer (dry season) is the best moment for bird and watchers, because all the animals must go to the few spots where the water is. Transportation in winter (rainy season) is also more difficult because many roads are flooded under water. However in this season is when nature is more spectacular.

Moriches in the plains

Capybaras in a lagoon
Capybaras in a lagoon

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