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Los Roques

Los Roques is an archipelago of Venezuela, located in the Caribbean, at 168 Km (100 miles) north of La Guaira, Caracas´ port. For its beauty and ecological importance it was declared national park in 1972.

vista aerea de los roques

vista aerea de los roques

Aerial views

To reach Los Roques, if you don't have your own yacht (or a friend with one), you can take commercial flights from Caracas, Porlamar (Margarita) or Maracaibo. The arrival from the air is spectacular, thanks to the variety of blues than you can see (See aerial views).

You will arrive in the island of Gran Roque from where you can take a catamaran or a fisher boat to reach other islands, like Francisquí o Crasquí.

Map of Los Roques

The archipelago has more than 50 islands. The most important, El Gran Roque (The great rock) is the only one populated and is where the airport is located. The other important islands are Francisqui, Nordisqui, Madrisqui y Crasqui. (See Map). However, don't limit yourself to those keys...

Cayo de Agua (Water Key)

We strongly recommend a visit to "Cayo de Agua", on the west side of the archipelago, about an hour trip from Gran Roque, but is one of the most beautiful keys.

Cayo de Agua

Vista del Gran Roque seen from Rasquí

You can even explore a very small key that has only sand and beautiful waters

Emerging from the water
Emerging from the water

You can go the "Dos Mesquises" a key where the Los Roques Cientific foundation has a program called "adopt a turtle" where you can contribute, helping the foundation that preserves their life


Los Roques a paradise of crystalline waters and white sand

What makes Los Roques such a wonderful place is the huge extension of peaceful waters, the presence of lagoons, keys (small islands) and beaches with white sand (from coral origin), and crystalline waters with incredible colors.

Playa blanca en Gran Roque - Foto sacada de Geronimo Rosales
White sand beach at Gran Roque - Picture taken by Geronimo Rosales

Los Roques

Fauna Marina del Archipielago - Foto sacada de Felix Antonio Hernandez Medina
Fauna - Picture taken by Felix Antonio Hernandez Medina

Estrella de mar - Foto sacada de Felix Antonio Hernandez Medina
Starfish - Picture taken by Felix Antonio Hernandez Medina

Los Roques is water sports

Los Roques is an ideal place for snorkeling, fishing, windsurfing, or kite surfing.

Bone Fishing
Bonefishing - Picture courtesy of Justin Mc Carthy

During the season (November to April) don't lose the opportunity to eat a lobster in Los Roques.

Los Roques: a national Park

As Los Roques is a national park, there are some rules for any construction. You will not find luxury hotels, but only a big assortment of inns, ranging from very simple to others more sofisticated that take pride in their gastronomy

Anochecer en los roques
Evening in the Roques

Aves comiendo - Foto Iris Ramos
Birds eating - Picture taken by Iris Ramos

Enjoy this beautiful video from our partners Vector Dragon Fly

Lodging in Los Roques

Almost all the "posadas" (inns) are located in Gran Roque, where small boats depart for all the keys and islands. You can also stay in Rasquí or in a yatch or sailboat, traveling from one island to another

If you wish to go to Los Roques, let us help you. We can find the right posada (inn) or boat, best suited to your needs and budget. You can see some of our packages (including flights) here, you can write us in english by email to [email protected], or even better, to our whatsapp business number +58-424-125,8634 in the image below:

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Cayo de Agua (Water Key) - One of the most beautiful keys in Los Roques, one hour from Gran Roque, but completely worth the journey

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Crasquí - One of the most beautiful islands in Los Roques is Crasquí. Located a short distance to the west of Gran Roque, you can reach it in 30 minutes to an hour by boat.

Gran Roque - The biggest island in the archipelago of Los Roques is called "Gran Roque". Located to the north, this is where most of the population lives. Its also here where the airport is located, as well as all the inns (posadas), the school...

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