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Boca Seca

Well protected beach, excelent for Snorkeling. Has a restaurant under a "caney" (hut) managed by one of the main hotels in the area.

Boca Seca beach

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Playuela - Behind Cayo Sombrero, one of the most visited islands. Small restaurant, shades and chairs for rent. One of the advantages is that you have two beaches to select from: Playuela, the biggest beach, point of entry; Playuelita, smaller and used for diving le

Tucupido - Very small island with palm trees and without crowds. No services. To reach it you must know well the region and lift the boat's engine because of shallow waters. A small paradise.

Los Juanes - Los Juanes is also known as the "swimming pool", is a place visited by owners of sport boats. It doesn't have a beach with sand. Boats just stop there. Some people people get out of the boats, some stay. Music, drinks, beach fashion... Many small boats se

Paiclás - Ideal for children because the water is very shallow and gets deeper very gradually. Has a restaurant, medium size palm trees. It is one of the islands closer to the ports of Morrocy and Tucacas

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Manuel Cedeño
Oficial del ejército de Venezuela (general de división) de destacada participación en la Guerra de Independencia. Fueron sus padres Manuel Antonio Cedeño y Juana Hernández. Se desconocen la fecha y lugar exactos de su nacimiento.

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