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Chichiriviche from the sea
Chichiriviche from the sea

Chichiriviche is located in the state of Falcon. It presents a big touristy interest, by being one of the starting points towards the islands of Morrocoy National Park, together with Tucacas.

North Pier
North Pier. At the bottom Cayo Muerto

North Pier
North Pier. Main point of departure for boats

Just as you reach the pier, and look towards the see, little islands (Cayos), that call you with their beauty, can be observed at a relatively short distance. There, you can hire the “Peñeros” (Fishing Boats) to visit the nearest islets (Cayo Muerto, Cayo Peraza, Cayo Sal and Cayo Pelón) or the ones that are most far away, which you can also reach from Tucacas.

 south Pier
South Pier: Another starting point towards the cays

the main street
The main street, with many shops

Chichiriviche itself does not have that much touristy interest. Its main street does have many shops, where you can buy grocery, ice, soda, or even swimwear and towels. It also has many Hotels and inns, where the tourists stay.

Chichiriviche from the sea
Chichiriviche from the sea, at Sunset

Chichiriviche, at night
At night, by the pier

At night, you can enjoy from many restaurants near the dock, or selling craft at display.

Cuare Nature reserve
Chichiriviche: Departure for Bird Observation at the Cuare Nature reserve

One of the things that makes Chichiriviche a very interesting place is it’s proximity to the Cuare Wildlife’s shelter, where the birds observators and tourists can delight themselves by watching the white herons and the white Corocoros (Scarlet Ibis) by day or night. Come with us to visit the Cuare Nature Reserve and the Indian cave

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Los Juanes - Los Juanes is also known as the "swimming pool", is a place visited by owners of sport boats. It doesn't have a beach with sand. Boats just stop there. Some people people get out of the boats, some stay. Music, drinks, beach fashion... Many small boats se

Cayo Peraza - Paradise island in Chichiriviche, surrounded by corals, with lots of trees. No services.

Boca Seca - Well protected beach, excelent for Snorkeling. Has a restaurant under a "caney" (hut) managed by one of the main hotels in the area.

Cuare Nature Reserve - To the south of Chichiriviche, in the Morrocoy Nacional Park, the Cuare Natural Reserve can be found, called that way because it is a shelter for Wildlife animals, particularly birds.

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