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Indian Cave – Cuare Natural Reserve – Morrocoy Park

Petroglyphs in the Indian Cave

One of the interesting features of Morrocoy Nacional Park is to visit the Indian Caves, called that way by being caves with petroglyphs made by the natives. This caves can be found inside the Cuare Natural Reserve

The wall
The wall as far as water gets

the dock
The dock that gives access to the cave

Leaving Chichiriviche to the south, a see entrance with a wall of rock that goes directly into the see, without beach, is located. In one of the entrants, the Indian cave is located. A small dock allows going down and reaching the caves.

Indian Cave
The identification of the Cave

Walking among the rocks

This cave is at open sky, therefore you shall not fear if you dislike closed places. After you pass between the rocks, a huge wall of rock with stalactites is seen. The abundant vegetation, thanks to the heat and moister appears everywhere. Alter the tour, when returning to the dock, there are some petroglyphs that show the existence of a civilization before ours, and results very interesting to see. Once this visit is made, continue your tour in the Cuare Nature Reserve, where you can enjoy of the Virgin See Shrine and all the birds that make of Chichiriviche a very special place.




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Alejandro Oropeza Castillo
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Arquitectura tradicional
La arquitectura tradicional venezolana es una conjugación de nuestra cultura indígena con distintas culturas arquitectónicas de origen foráneo, no es de extrañarnos que sea así pues nuestra raza, nuestra cultura y nuestro pueblo es un mestizaje donde no p

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