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What is Morrocoy?

A “Tropical Paradise in the Caribbean”, this beautiful National Park is Located in the Northwestern coast of the Venezuelan coast. In its 32.000 Hectares are the most beautiful beaches of white sand, warm crystalline waters spectacular submarine fauna that live between the corals of varied colors, mangroves, and a great variety of birds that has made the zone in one of the favorite places for bird observant Anyway, it is the perfect place for the lovers of the see, who wish too enjoy different holidays in a natural paradise.

How to get to Morrocoy?

If your coming from Caracas, in your vehicle: Caracas > Valencia > El Palito, via Pto. Cabello > Tucaras > Morrocoy. Caracas-Valencia (Highway 158 Km.) Valencia – El Palito (Highway 43 Km) El Palito – Tucaras (Road 47 Km.) If your coming in Bus: take the Bus to Valencia, in the same terminal of Valencia, take a bus to Tucacas or Chichiriviche (Depending of where you are staying). A vehicle with a driver or plane can be arranged to transfer you from any city, to Morrocoy. In our website: there is a map to locate geographically and one interactive with the detail of the local access roads to take you to the different island of the park.

Which are the best beaches?

That depends on the personal preferences, but the most recommended are Cayo Sombrero and the Playuela/Playuelita. Both for their varied services, many palms and beach options. My personal recommendation would be that if your staying just two days you get to know at least this two, but if your going to stay any longer you should try with other options. In the website: there is an interactive map where you can see photos from the different beaches and a description of each. If it is possible for you I recommend you to do a mini-tour on the first day that will give you a global vision of the different beach alternatives.

Where can I stay?

There is a great variety in lodgings, from 5 Star Hotels to inns with varied styles, location, and prices. You can also camp in tents in several islands.

What can be done at night?

The night life, in the two nearby towns (Tucacas and Chichiriviche) has their main attractive in the restaurants, most of them with good alternatives in seafood. There are also some Nightclubs. If you’re staying in Morrocoy, or the inns in the farms, and want to have nightlife different from the bars at the inns, you will have to foresee transportation to the two towns.

Which season is the best?

In the last years, the rain has been highly irregular, traditionally it began on May. In any case, it does not rain a lot in Morrocoy, and when it does, very little, and normally, at night.

The seasons with more number of visitors are: The first week of January, Carnivals, Easter, and during the months of July, August and September. The months with less visitors are May and November, until the point, that many owners of the inn are willing to give special discounts in those dates, specially during weekdays.

What other sites can be visited?

Minitour Morrocoy

It is a journey through the beaches of Morrocoy including: Paiclas, Playa Mero, Playuela, Playuelita, Boca Seca, Playa Azul, Los Juanes, Mallorquina, Pescadores and Sombrero. In each you bath a while (about 15 min.) Just to get to know it; in the end of the journey the driver asks you which you liked the most, he takes you to the one chosen and then he picks you up at the hour of your choice. At the return he takes you by the “Isla de Pájaros” (Bird Island) and “El Tunel del Amor” (The love túnel). Very recommendable for your first day in Morrocoy, because you know most of the islands and then you can choose your favorites for the rest of your holidays.

Bird Island and the Tunnel of Love

In the first many birds that use this island to have their offspring. The Tunel del amor is formed by navigation channels among the picturesque mangroves; ideal for romantic time at sunset. This tour can be done by the boat that takes you to the beach (For an extra-payment) you do not have to take a detour to do it, the ideal thing to do is to do it in the afternoon, during the return.

Refuge Cuare

A zone near Chichiriviche, where the most popular birds of the zone can be observed, the flamingos and corocoros. There are more at sunset.

Horse riding

In the zone of faros really close to Morrocoy.

Puerto Cabello

Colonial Town, Pier, Castle.


Hot spring baths, one of the best hot springs in the world.


Colonial town, historic patrimony of humanity, dunes.

Other activities

Given the Fact that Morrocoy is far from the noise and bustle from cities, Morrocoy lends itself to spiritual or esoteric activities, some of the owners of the inn are willing yo offer “Special Treatment” to groups in meditation activities, contemplation, reflection nature observance, and so on…

Other recommendations:

Do not forget your sunscreen

In the night at free air, use insect repellent.

At high season make your reservations on time

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