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The Moriche and the Morichal

The Moriche and the Morichal
The Moriche and the Morichal

I can not write about the Morichal, the llanos plant community dominated by the Moriche palm, so abundant in the eastern plains of Venezuela, without recalling the detailed botanical descriptions of the Professor Francisco Tamayo, neither it can be described as an ecological environment without reading Valois González, the young botanist who studied and described the ecological relationships of the Morichal in more recent times.

The morichal grows in zones where water currents are very quiet, and are nourished by very clean waters filtered by the sandbanks of the soils of the plains. The color of the water is that of tea, caused by the suspension of humic compounds in the water. The soil of the Morichal is slimy, swampy and inundable. It can be said that moriches grow almost exclusively in permanently inundated places.

In this biological community the dominant plant in number and in height is the moriche, reaching ten meters in height. While the water current of the morichal develops, it turns into an increasingly wider river and the riparian forest is enriched in variety with other tree species as the Zarcillo, the Guamo, the Carricillo and other species.

The water of the Morichal is the home of the electric eel, the Bass and the Guabina. In its banks live the Royal Duck, parrots and macaws, the Vaco bird and even one the jaguar. But the Moriche is so dominant that it also influences the culture of the Cariña Indians, who make marvels in weaving with the fibers of its leaves and also use its edible fruit. For the Cariña, the Moriche palm is a heavenly gift.

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