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San Felipe

Monument to Indio Yaracuy by Alejandro Colina
Monument to Indio Yaracuy by Alejandro Colina

San Felipe, capital of Yaracuy State was founded in 1729 and rebuilt anew after the earthquake that shook Venezuela in 1812 leaving the city totally devastated. Since its foundation the town has been one of the relevant economic centres, due to its location in the middle of an agricultural region which is among the richest in the country. Although its importance has diminished since Colony times, San Felipe is still a main economic pole in Western Venezuela.

Bolivar Square
Bolivar Square

The city general view
The city general view

House of the government



The most significant buildings of the city are around Bolivar Square, The Government's head quarters, The Palace of Justice and the Cathedral, the last one built in a very modern architectural design, with a fine stained glass work which gives the interior a mystical atmosphere.

An interesting place to visit in San Felipe is the Park Museum "El Fuerte". It was built at the site where the town was before the 1812 earthquake. Ruins of the old city and objects found after the natural disaster, can be seen amid an outstanding landscape work.

Park Museum
Park Museum "El Fuerte"

San Felipe is at 250 m. above sea level at the feet of Sierra de Aroa, where Yurubi National Park Yurubi is located. This situation gives the city a pleasant climate and frames it within luxuriant exotic vegetation. One of the city closest attractions is The Exotic Tropical Flora Park, where you can admire the lush flora from the West Venezuelan Mountain Range.

Flora in Yaracuy

Nenufares at the Exotic Tropical Flora Park
Nenufares at the Exotic Tropical Flora Park

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