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The peninsula of Araya is located in the state of Sucre, north from Cumana. You can get there by land or sea. If you prefer to go by car, to get there from Cumana, you require more than 3 hours on the road; if you decide to go by sea you can get in about 30 minutes in a fast boat.

Boat in Araya

You can hire a fisher boat or take a fast “bus-boat” (locally known as “El Tapaíto”), with 4 engines out of hut, like the one shown in the photo. This “bus-boat” will take you to the population of Manicuare. From there, some buses will take you by land to the population of Araya.
There is also a ferry that arrives directly at Araya.

During this trip, you can watch the famous salt mines from Araya, with a characteristic purple color that changes constantly, because it the depends on the angle of the sunlight and the deepness of the water. In effect, to produce the salt, the lagoon is flooded with water from the sea and is let to evaporate until the salt can be picked up.

Salt mines of Araya

In these two photos, you can watch some characteristic views from the salt mines of Araya.

Salt mines of Araya

Araya colors

Once in the population of Araya, you have a nice view of the castle of Araya. This castle was constructed in 1625 and declared national monument in 1960 (See history and more photos).

Araya Castle
Araya Castle

View from the castle
View from the castle

Castle beaches

Beaches in the peninsula

At the foot of the castle, we can see one of the best beaches in the peninsula of Araya. Although Araya is a very arid zone, normally there is some breeze and you can rent some tents to stand the heavy sun, the same that dries the water in the salt mines.

In front of the beach you can watch the salt refinery, the main industry from the peninsula. Araya also presents certain interest. The ferry terminal is nearby. A ferry comes twice a day from Cumana. Bellow there are two pictures of the most important edifications of Araya: the church and the cultural club.

 Araya Salt Refinery
Salt Refinery

The church

Cultural Club
Cultural Club

Espacio Publicitario

Fin Espacio Publicitario

Espacio Publicitario

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