General Conditions of responsibility between the travel agency and the client

In accordance with the legal provisions referred to in the Tourism Law of Venezuela, its regulation, its decrees and other legal provisions applicable both in the country and abroad, are issued by these terms and general liability later brought, which regulate the supply of services in one hand between the passenger or user of the services that henceforth be known as " THE CUSTOMER", by the Travel Agency that henceforth be known as "THE AGENCY", and on the other hand the service providers, such as airlines, hotels, lodges, restaurants, transport, guides and other services related to tourism and they are related to this contract, hereinafter referred to as "THE PROVIDERS."


This contract originates as a result of the request for services that "THE CUSTOMER" has requested to "THE AGENCY" so that, as a broker on behalf of "THE CUSTOMER", it seeks to services to be provided by "THE PROVIDERS" and that "THE CUSTOMER" has chosen and / or accepted. Therefore "THE AGENCY" does not accept any responsibility for any damage, injury, accident, delay or irregularities that might occur during the execution of services to "THE CUSTOMER" by "THE PROVIDERS", harm "THE CUSTOMER" as a result of bad weather and other events that might occur beyond the control of these, cancellation of flights, delays caused by fortuitous facts, major force causes attributable to the will of either party.


In the event of any kind of claim as a direct result of the provision of services to "THE CUSTOMER" by "THE PROVIDERS", "THE AGENCY" works at the request of the "THE CUSTOMER" in order to obtain this exclusively from the owners of the Providers the refund of the amounts paid for services rendered or not rendered as inadequate. But under no circumstances "THE CUSTOMER" can pretend and indeed it expressly disclaims requesting compensation of any kind by those circumstances, but the reimbursement mentioned before.
"THE CUSTOMER” is informed and accepts that the provision of services, both "THE AGENCY" and “THE PROVIDERS" have purely civilian or commercial character, and therefore "THE CUSTOMER" resigns expressly to try actions or criminal complaints against them because of their differences and any breach will be decided by a court before the civil or commercial jurisdiction.


In those cases in which "THE AGENCY" serving as the organizer of tour packages, itineraries, sightseeing, tours, etc., consolidating services provided by "THE PROVIDERS" and offered to "THE CUSTOMER" and this hiring under the conditions laid down in the same governed accordingly, as follows:


The reservations to use any tour package, should be made at least (30) days prior to the start of the journey. "THE AGENCY" reserves the right to require "THE CUSTOMER" a minimum deposit of TWENTY PERCENT (20%) of the price of tour package hired.


Cancellations will be accepted only in the case that "THE CUSTOMER" communicates written notice to "THE AGENCY" with 96 hours in advance. When "THE CUSTOMER" desist from conducting a journey, "THE AGENCY" shall refund the amount remaining after deducting the deposit cancellation fees and the amount of the commission from "THE AGENCY" over the amounts listed below: a) 10% if the withdrawal takes place more than 10 days and less than a fifteen days before the date of travel, b) 20% from six to ten days prior start of journey, c) 35% from three to five days, d) 50% in the 48 hours preceding the start of journey. Failure to show up at the airport on time travel "THE CUSTOMER" loses the total value of the trip.

Important note: Certain hotels, boats, lodges and airlines may have deposit terms and cancellation policies different from those of “THE AGENCY”. We may need to collect additional deposits from you to hold reservations. The cancellation penalties on payments will be determined by these individual organizations and will override “THE Agency’s”' policy.


Efforts will be made through "THE AGENCY" after "THE CUSTOMER" communicates written notice of its desire to cancel the trip in order to obtain a refund prior to the execution of the services requested. No refund will be done for services not used voluntarily by "THE CUSTOMER." The claims will be affected by and through the presentation of coupons for services and / or certification. "THE PROVIDERS" for these purposes understanding that these must be filed within thirty (30) days after the closing date of the services. If "THE AGENCY" or "LANDLORDS" were forced to cancel or suspend a part of the services after commencement of the voyage, "THE CUSTOMER" will only entitled to a refund of part unrealized. Refunds are always processed through "THE AGENCY" where the services were purchased. It is expressly an agreement, and if "THE CUSTOMER" accepts that the paid services contracted with or through "THE AGENCY" in foreign currency, the refunds will be made exclusively in bolivars, the exchange rate applied to the foreign currency at the time it was paid.


"The customer” must be provided with a valid passport and visas required according to the itinerary chosen. When applicable, should take the necessary health permits. Failure to comply with the foregoing by "THE CUSTOMER" will cause the loss of any right to reimbursement and suffer the consequences of their failure, also when the authorities of any country refuse to allow the entry of "THE CUSTOMER". It is required to have the vaccine for the Yellow Fever, only if “The Costumer” cross the border to Brazil.


"The Customer’s" luggage and other personal effects travels at its own risk, under any respect "THE AGENCY" is not responsible with the eventual loss of it. It is recommended that "the CUSTOMER" hire an insurance policy to cover the risk mentioned.


"The AGENCY" or "THE providers" may, by fortuitous event for reasons or major force causes, modify the itinerary and hotels by others in the same category and comfort, as well as the timetable for the departure of travel.


"The AGENCY" explicitly states that works solely as between "the customer" and "THE OWNERS ', ie entities or persons called to provide the services indicated in the itinerary, therefore does not accept any liability for any damage, injury, accident or irregularities that might occur during the execution of services to persons who travel through it as well as luggage and other objects owned by the travelers, by the bad weather conditions and natural for any reason that is fortuitous event or major force causes, and therefore can not be attributed to the will of either party. When "the CUSTOMER" travels by any mode of transportation is it agreed to follow the laws of the country in which the referral is registered transport in the event of an accident. The ticket fare is the single compromise between transportation companies and "the CUSTOMER." Accordingly, it is regulated in accordance with contract terms that are printed in the ticket and "the AGENCY" is not involved in that contract.


All prices quoted in this site are based on current exchange rates and taxes at that date and subject to change as a result of currency fluctuation in the foreign exchange market. Therefore "THE CUSTOMER" undertakes to pay any difference that occurs to the variation in the rates of services so far to begin providing them.


"THE CUSTOMER" declares to accept the general terms of hiring and such acceptance is rectified through any one of the following: a) The payment of the contracted services before traveling in any way, b) Acceptance of the bill of the contracted services both directly from "the CUSTOMER" or by any person directly dependent on him, c) Using a portion of any of the contracted services.

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