Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

We offer here the most frequently asked questions about ourselves and about your trip with us. We are also preparing a page with frequently asked questions about traveling in Venezuela. Come back soon.

1.- How do I Know you are a real business?

You can contact us by calling our telephone numbers or you may come to our offices. We are properly registered in Venezuelan Tourism Bureau, N° VT835 and RTN 02829. We are members of AVAVIT (Venezuelan Travel Agencies Association). Our address: Av. Parima, Quinta Cañaveral, Colinas de Bello Monte, Caracas 1050, VENEZUELA. We also invite you to check some references from our clients.

2.- How can I make my payments ?

Payments can be done directly bt credir card, deposit o transfer.

3.- How will I receive my travel documents?

we will send you your confirmed services vouchers that you will need to print and bring with you during your trip to our country. If do you need any paper document we can fax you, send via regualar mail or private courier.

4.- Safety

As in any country in the world, safety measures must be taken in Venezuela, especially in Caracas. Being a big city and the capital is as dangerous as any other big city in the world (New York, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, etc). You should take precautions such as not carrying a lot of cash, wearing attractive jewels or walking out at night in unsafe places.

5.- Money Exchange

There are several exchange offices at the airport. They can also be found in shopping centers and in some banks. You can also get cash from ATM's using your credit card or debit card (Plus, Cirrus). You can see Venezuelan bills and coins images if you clic here

6.- Weather

Venezuela has only two seasons Summer and Winter (dry and rainy season). Our rainy season goes from May to November. The rest of the year is summer. Temperature is slightly higher in winter. Our average temperature in Caracas is 25° C (77°F). In the pictures below, taken during the month of March in Caracas Country Club, you can see the mixture of spring (trees with flowers) and autumn (trees with red leaves or without leaves).

7.- Destinations and when to travel?

The best time to visit Canaima and Angel Falls is during our rainy season (from May to November). Anytime is perfect to visit the rest of the country since the weather is very similar along the year. However, it is recommended not to travel during the Carnival and Easter seasons due to the significant increase in the amount of local tourists in the whole country.

8.- How do I know that my reservation is confirmed?

Once your reservation is confirmed to us, we will notify you via e-mail.

9.- Can I call you on the phone?

  • Certainly
  • Our phone numbers are: 58-212-753.5805 / 753.5263 / 326 04 98 o al celular 58-414-232.3043

10.- Are your prices good?

We handle high volumes of travelers so we can offer special deals to our clients. This guarantees that you will have a very competitive price.

11.- Why do I have to pay for my hotels in advance?

When you pay for your hotel in advance we guarantee your reservation and a preferential fare that can not be offered at the front desk since it would be considerably higher. Airlines only print their tickets once they have been paid.

12.- What happens if I have to cancel my trip at the last moment?

If you cancel your trip 48 hours in advance there will be no charges, unless the hotel or service requested policies state otherwise. Later than that, there will be cancellation charges that will vary according to the service that you had requested.

13.- How do you know if the places recommended are truly good?

We periodically visit the places we recommend to make sure they keep up their level, the quality of the service and the relation cost-value. But our best inspectors are our clients themselves; we listen to their opinions to help us improve the service. If you travel with us, we invite you to send us your comments at the end of your trip.

14.- Where can I check references from your clients about your services?

See our Reference Page: Client's References.

15.- The citizens of the following countries do not need visa to enter Venezuela. They enjoy the benefit to enter with a tourism card.







Antigua y Barbuda


Nueva Zelandia

Antillas Neerlandesas


Países Bajos





Gran Bretaña

St.Kitts & Nevis



St. Lucia


Hong Kong

San Marino



St. Vincent & The Granadines










Costa Rica


Trinidad & Tobago



South Africa




Dominica U.S.A Luxemburgo


  • If you can, avoid high seasons such as: Carnivals, Eastern, Christmas and/or New Year's Eve.
  • Airport taxes must be paid at the corresponding airports in only cash.
  • Taxes or Entrances to National Parks must be paid upon arrival only in cash.
  • Suggested Tips:
    • Bellboys USD$ 1.00 per suitcase
    • Maid USD$ 0.50 per day
    • Restaurants usually include 10% service but people people usually leave an extra 5% to 8%
  • We suggest to you to purchase a travel insurance.

Several ways to contact us

  • Send us your questions
  • Av. Parima, Quinta Cañaveral, Colinas de Bello Monte, Caracas 1050, Venezuela.
  • 58-212-753.5805 / 753.5263 / 326 04 98 o al celular 58-414-232.3043
Espacio Publicitario

Espacio Publicitario

Historia y Personajes
Francisco Linares Alcántara
Militar y político venezolano, presidente de la República durante el período 1877-1879. Hijo del general Francisco de Paula Alcántara, prócer de la Independencia, y de Trinidad Linares. Inició su carrera militar en 1846, al combatir el alzamiento de Ezequ
Tempura de Vegetales
La cocina japonesa tomó buena parte de nuestra atención y gusto de unos años para acá, es muy normal encontrarnos con comida japonesa en fiestas y eventos, incluyo una opción sencilla que queda ideal como entrada o pasapalo, se trata de vegetales diversos cortados de manera estética, pasados por una tempura ligera y fritos hasta dorar, servidos crujientes con salsa de soya caliente.
Geografía y Naturaleza
El zorro común
Entre los carnívoros venezolanos, el zorro común es uno de los más conocidos. Su cuerpo mide unos setenta centímetros de largo, y su cola otros treinta. El peso de un adulto alcanza seis kilos. Su pelaje va del gris claro al oscuro, pasando por tonalidade
Virgen de Betania
No sabemos si este nombre fue puesto en honor a la aldea, situada en la falda oriental del Monte de los Olivos, en un agreste y profundo valle, a 5 Km. de Jerusalén. Su nombre significa 'casa de aflicción' y es célebre porque en la época de Cristo, allí r

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