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Parguito beach and El Agua beach

View of Parguito Beach
View of Parguito Beach

The north of Margarita island is the favorite zone of many people because of the beaches (the favorite of the majority), the towns, the hotels and its beauty. It is a less populated zone and more peaceful that Porlamar (excepting Spring Break and Carnival during the day). Join us in this tour of the North of Margarita Island.

Parguito Beach

Parguito Beach is a beach of young people and surf. It has restaurant, tents and some salesman.

Aeroplano flying over Parguito
Aeroplano flying over Parguito

Parguito Beach
Parguito Beach

In one edge of the beach, there is a small hill where you have a nice view of Parguito and El Tirano. Don’t miss it.

El Tirano from Parguito
El Tirano

Girls watching Parguito Beach
Girls watching Parguito Beach

El Agua Beach

El Agua Beach

El Agua Beach is one of the most visited beaches in Margarita. It’s long, has a lot of sand and palm trees, food service, fun, etc… It also has waves that can be a little dangerous if you get away from the shore. Without anybody establishing in this way, the beach has 3 parts. The beginning of the beach is were locals stay. The prices are cheaper and it is more popular. Families and tourists usually stay in the middle of the beach. And at the end, the young people.

Nevertheless, no matter where you decide to sit, the walk through the beach is very pleasant and refreshing. Like in other beaches, in El Agua there are kiosks. Ask what service the offer. In general there are tents and extension chairs for rent, restaurant and also some offer access to a shower, which is always nice when leaving the beach.

Playing Volleyball in El Agua Beach
Playing Volleyball in El Agua Beach

In El Agua there are many ambulant sellers. They’ll offer you hats, sunglasses, drinks, food, ice cream and even plain tours. If you aren’t interested just say “no”. They generally don’t insist.

El Tirano

EL tirano
Tirano Beach and the Guayamuri hill

Fishing boats in El Tirano
Fishing boats in El Tirano

South from Parguito Beach, there is a town called “El Tirano”. On of its charachteristhics is that it is near to the Guayamuri hill, which is very peculiar because of its flat top. El Tirano in a fisher town, like you can observe by the quantity of fishing boats. It is also de starting point for trips to Los Frailes and has two good hotels. It is very close to the amusement park Parque El Agua".

Volleyball game
Volleyball game in front of one of the hotels

Slides in Parque El Agua
Slides in Parque El Agua

El Humo and Puerto Real

El Humo Beach
El Humo Beach

Puerto Real
Puerto Real

Margarita doesn’t end there. If you go further than El Agua Beach you’ll discover two little known beaches: El Humo and Puerto Real (The Smoke and Royal Port)

Come with us to Margarita

Come to us to know all places of the Margarita island, and the neighbors Coche island and Los Frailes.


Porlamar en Margarita

El Valle en Margarita
El Valle

La Asunción en Margarita
La Asunción

Pampatar en Margarita

Playa Guacuco en Margarita
Playa Guacuco

Playa Parguito y Playa el Agua en Margarita
Parguito y Playa el Agua

Juan Griego en Margarita

Norte de Margarita

La Restinga en Margarita
La Restinga

Macanao en Margarita

El Yaque en Margarita
El Yaque

Coche Island
Coche Island

Los Frailes Island
Los Frailes

Margarita´s Beaches

Punta Arenas en Margarita
Punta Arenas

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Playa Parguito - Wallpaper - Playa Parguito - Margarita - Venezuela

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