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Altamira of Caceres - Estate of Barinas

Altamira de Cáceres

By the side of the Andean mounts, between Barinas and Merida more precisely 20 minutes away from Barinitas and 50 minutes away from Santo Domingo, there is a small town called Altamira de Cáceres

Montaña de Altamira
The mountain in which Altamira de Caceres is located

Río Santo Domingo
Down, the Santo Domingo River

El río santo Domingo
The Santo Domingo River

The road isn't wide, it has many curves, but the landscape is very beautiful. Don't miss the opportunity to peek and look down to see the Santo Domingo river. 15 Kilometers away from Barinitas is the deviation that leads to Altamira de Caceres. After descending 5 minutes you cross a bridge over the Santo Domingo River. After 5 extra minutes, this time up, you get to 900 meters height where the town is.

La Plaza Bolívar
View of the Plaza Bolivar

Esquina con casa típicas
Square with typical houses

The town counts with a beautiful architecture, and a beautiful square. Sorrounded by some natural attractives that are worth the trip when you are in Merida or Barinas. The most interesting thing is that it keeps the features of a traditional town, and hasn't been affected by excessive tourism.

House of Culture
The House of Culture Alfredo Arverlo Larriva

The town school

Altamira de Caceres is the primordial state of Barinas, it was the first city founded there. It was founded the June 30 of 1577 by Spanish captain Juan Andrés Varela.

Altamira de Caceres Church
Altamira de Caceres Church

Interior of the church altamira de caceres
Interior of the church

Altamira de Caceres counts with a little, simple but nice church. It has also an interesting museum "Don Jose Angel Angarita" in which the antiques of the time are conserved. There you can find the office of "Grados", a centre of Adventure, in which you can make hiking (trekking), bird observation, rafting, cannoning, kayak and other extreme sports.

The Jose Angel Angarita Museum
The Jose Angel Angarita Museum

Grados office
Grados, Centre of adventure

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