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Coche Island

Isla de Coche

This arid Island is located south from Margarita. It reaches a top height of 60 meters above sea level and it is 11 km long and 6km wide. It composes the Villalba Municipality, being San Pedro de Coche its capital, in the Vicente Fuentes Parish. The other towns that conform Coche are El Bichar, Guinima, El Amparo, El Guamache and La Uva.

Beach near San Pedro, where tourist arrive
Beach near San Pedro, where tourist arrive

The fishing activity is the main economic activity in the island, although the island also has salt mines that produce a great amount of salt, considered of great quality. At the beginnings of the XVI century it was habited by some colonizers that exploded the rich Perl Beddings of the salt mines. Coche suffered the same tsunami that destroyed Cubagua in 1541, but it wasn’t as devastated as the recently mentioned.

The 25 of April of 1815, the San Pedro de Alcantara Ship, which transported the Spanish Marshall Don Pablo Morillo with 15 thousand men to stop the insurrection in Venezuela, suddenly sank in these waters and his ship is still there in the bottom of the sea. Coche, besides having a lot of histories, is one of the tourist destinations with less human influence.

Desertic Landscape
Desertic Landscape

Coche counts with hotels that have respected the natural balance of the island, building their facilities in front of a mild sea and enjoying a constant breeze, ideal for those who enjoy sliding over the waves with their boards or sails. Europeans are the most impressed by Playa La Punta, especially those who practice water sports such as Kite and Windsurf.

Hotel pool
Hotel pool

Water bikes in Coche
Water bikes in Coche

Pelicans looking for fish in the fishing nets
Pelicans looking for fish in the fishing nets

This Island is habited by kind and quiet people that live from fishing and tourism. Coche offers very peculiar sights. It has beaches, coasts and cliffs, but it also has an interior that conserves its essences.Coche offers its visitors different sights that contrast with one another when you arrive to the island from Margarita. You can admire the beauty of a beach with shining sand and mild and crystalline water, where, in our case a kind local who welcomed us very nice, suggested us to explore the island.

El Coco Beach
El Coco Beach

You can experience an adventure of only two hours with a car, where you can get to know some amazing landscapes full of deserted plains, going through the salt mines that before arriving to El Coco Beach, transform themselves into smooth hills full of colors, called by natives “the small great canyon”. The Colors of these beaches fill you with emotions. In one moment you see yourself in the middle of the terracotta, violet and silver hills, and by simply raising your sight you see the sea and the sky at the end, filled with colors from light blue to dark blue. El Coco beach invites you to have a splash in its warm waters.

We recommend you to visit “Playa el Amor” (Love Beach), a very pleasant and romantic place to be with your sentimental partner. This beach has a spectacular view from the cliff, where you can evoke the most romantic images from movies. The beach has a transparent blue color and is very pleasant.

Love Beach
Love Beach

Another way to explore the island is making a bicycle tour. It’s very important to make this trip well equipped with a hat and lots of sunscreen, because in Coche it almost never rains and the sun shines very strong all year long. Prepare yourself a good water provision and light food. The hotels include this service if wanted.

bicycle tour


There are many ways to get to Coche, it depends of your mood and disposition. If you want to share with a enjoyable and happy group that looks forward doing guide activities, you can take a “catamaran” with a “full day” plan already organized. You can also take the Ferry, which allows you to take you’re car and make a tour around the island. Nevertheless, the easiest way to get there is by taking a small boat from El Yaque Beach, where a boat-driver will take and return you as well as connect you with food alternatives, transport and lodging that the people in the island offer you.

The “Viola Festival”, a very good option
The “Viola Festival”, a very good option

Dancing on the Viola Festival, on the way back
Dancing on the Viola Festival, on the way back

We can’t show you all the photos we World like to on this page, therefore we invite you to see Additional Photos. We also invite you to read de excellent narration of Coche from Cristina Rosenberg,, "“The island of Nacar and Salt”, with nice pictures.

Come to Coche

In Coche you will love to walk on the beach, relax in a swimming pool or see the windsurfers. But right now, you could be enjoying Italian poker and may be, if you are lucky, earn your trip.

Come with us to Margarita

Come to us to know all places of the Margarita island, and the neighbors Coche island and Los Frailes.


Porlamar en Margarita

El Valle en Margarita
El Valle

La Asunción en Margarita
La Asunción

Pampatar en Margarita

Playa Guacuco en Margarita
Playa Guacuco

Playa Parguito y Playa el Agua en Margarita
Parguito y Playa el Agua

Juan Griego en Margarita

Norte de Margarita

La Restinga en Margarita
La Restinga

Macanao en Margarita

El Yaque en Margarita
El Yaque

Coche Island
Coche Island

Los Frailes Island
Los Frailes

Margarita´s Beaches

Punta Arenas en Margarita
Punta Arenas

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