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Castillo de Pampatar.
Castillo de Santa Rosa en La Asunción
Playa en la Isla de Coche
Playa Guacuco
La Restinga
Bahía de Juan Griego
Punta Arenas
Faro en Playa Zaragoza
Anochecer en El Yaque
Playa Parguito

Margarita Island

Where Margarita is

Margarita is a Caribbean island of Venezuela, located at the Northeast of Caracas, the country's capital, within a 35 minute flight, or a couple of hours by ferry from Puerto La Cruz or Cumana. It is one of the most touristic places in Venezuela. We will show you why...

Things you can do in Margarita

Beach Parguito en Margarita
Beach Parguito

Pueblos en Margarita
Villages of Margarita in Juangriego

Enjoy the beaches

Descansando en playa Guacuco
Beach Guacuco

Contemplando la playa
Playa Guacuco

Margarita is well known for the quality of its beaches. Being an island, it is surrounded by beaches, and there is one for every taste. You can find a beach with or without waves, large or small, crowded or not, deep or not, cold or warm, windy or not, just select what you want, and you've got it. To see more beaches, and what to do there, just click here.


Mapa de Margarita

Mapa Interactivo de Margarita
Interactive map

Margarita is a great place to go around. Castles, churches, nature. Everything is close and going from one place to another is usually a nice trip.

Visit Castles and Churches

Iglesia del Valle en Margarita
Iglesia del Valle

Castillo La Asunción en Margarita
Castillo de La Asunción

Castillo en Pampatar
Castillo de Pampatar

Fortín de Juan Griego
Foto cortesía de Orietta Rodríguez en el Fortín de Juan Griego

Visit la Restinga

One of Margarita's best attractions is, with no doubt, the Lagoon of La Restinga National Park. You ride in a boat through the mangroves and reach a very long beach. Do not miss there the opportunity to have fish or seafood for lunch under a hut.

La Restinga en Margarita
Manglares en La Restinga

La Restinga en Margarita
La Restinga

Visit Macanao península

It's Margarita's Far west. With very low population, but with places and isolated beaches that are worth the trip.

Vista tipica peninsula de macanao

Playa de punta arenas
Beach Punta Arenas


Margarita is an ideal place to have your vacations. Take a look at some of our suggestions.

Parque el Agua en Margarita
Relax en la piscina

Paseo en banana

Masajes en la playa
Massages at the beach

Pesca en Margarita


Paseo a caballo en la peninsula de macanao
Horse Riding in Macanao

Campos de golf de isla bonita

In Margarita you can enjoy all water sports. There is also an 18 holes golf course, and another one is under construction. In Macanao you can even go horseback riding (Images).

Windsurf en el Yaque
Windsurf in El Yaque

Aprendiendo a Surfear
Learning to surf

Night Life

Casinos en puerto Libre

And of course... shopping

Buhoneros en playa el agua
Sales booth with swimwear in Playa el Agua

El Sambil
Centro comercial Sambil

From sunset to moonset (and vice-versa), there is no place like Margarita


Sunset in Juan Griego

Come with us to Margarita

Come to us to know all places of the Margarita island, and the neighbors Coche island and Los Frailes.


Porlamar en Margarita

El Valle en Margarita
El Valle

La Asunción en Margarita
La Asunción

Pampatar en Margarita

Playa Guacuco en Margarita
Playa Guacuco

Playa Parguito y Playa el Agua en Margarita
Parguito y Playa el Agua

Juan Griego en Margarita

Norte de Margarita

La Restinga en Margarita
La Restinga

Macanao en Margarita

El Yaque en Margarita
El Yaque

Coche Island
Coche Island

Los Frailes Island
Los Frailes

Margarita´s Beaches

Punta Arenas en Margarita
Punta Arenas

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