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Cayo Sombrero
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Cayo Sombrero
Cayo Sombrero - Photo taken by Mónica Márquez

Cayo Sombrero
Cayo Sombrero - Photo taken by German Gilberto Rodriguez Garcia


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In the Falcon state, at the northwest of Venezuela, between the villages of Tucacas and Chichiriviche, is located Morrocoy National Park.

Sombrillas en Mayorquina
Shadows in Mayorquina

Parque Nacional
Boat in the National - Photo taken by Walter Seifert

Parque Nacional
Birds in the National Park - Photo taken by Walter Seifert

Aves en Morrocoy

Aves en Morrocoy

Aves en Morrocoy

This park, which is located part in land and part in the sea (Golfo Triste), has a large number of small islands or keys like: Borracho, Pelón, Sombrero, Sal, Playuela y Peraza. Morrocoy´s beaches are excellent. But also, underneath, the corals and fishes show all their beauty to all divers.

Boca Seca

Los Juanes

To enjoy Morrocoy, you must visit the keys (cayos) in a boat. It can be a private boat or you can get a ride in a "peñero", a small boat that you can share with other passengers or that you can hire to take you and pick you up where you prefer. For a description of all the keys, please use this link: Interactive map.

Cayo Sal
Cayo Sal

Cayo Vardero
Cayo Vardero - Photo taken by Mariolinda Caballero

Some of the keys are very small.

Don't miss the oportunity to visit the channels. Ask also to visit the Island of birds

Island of birds

Waiting for dinner

Altar de la virgen de piedra
Altar de la virgen de piedra - Photo taken by Jose Noguera

Do you want to see an interactive map with the main islands and its descriptions?
Interactive Map


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