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Pico Bolívar

Pico Bolívar (5007 m) visto desde el Pico Espejo
Pico Bolívar (5007 m) visto desde el Pico Espejo

Pico Espejo (Mirror Peak) is one of those strange places where a person can find peace and silence in this hectic world. This is one of the highest places in Venezuela, 4,765 meters of above sea level, in the high Andes of Mérida, the northeastern branch of the Greater Andes.

Pico Espejo is reachable in few minutes, and meanwhile, the traveler can appreciate detailed landscapes of Sierra La Culata, the city of Mérida and the Río Chama Valley. The rise by this cable car is memorable. The cable car covers the longest distance and ascends to the highest station of the world in Pico Espejo.

The tour begins in the Barinitas Station, in Plaza de Las Heroinas in Mérida, at some 1.600 meters above sea level. The rise is covered in four stages, in each one the tourist must change cabins, since each progressive section of the cable car operates independently.

Pico Espejo is an impressive place, sometimes drawn into mist and sometimes with a radiant sun that toasts the skin. It is a place where we can see the wind passing by, making capers with the clouds, upon drawing the snowy peaks. It is a place to watch the horizon and to think in what lies beyond. It is the ceiling of the world in which we live.

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