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Fortin Solano (The Solano fortress)

Fortin Solano (The Solano fortress)
Fortin Solano (The Solano fortress)

This small but relatively well-conserved military fort is located within San Esteban National Park. In 1766, Don José Solano y Bote, Governor and General Captain of Venezuela, ordered the construction of this small outpost in the Crest of the "Vigía", in order to protect Puerto Cabello harbor from naval attacks.

From then on, this military outlook zealously peeks the horizon to protect the harbor and its valuable merchant activity. It was a place of military activity during the Independence war. Zuazola, a Spaniard captain was hung there. Carujo, the traitor, was imprisoned there after trying to murder the Liberator. Bolívar used the place at times. It was bombarded during the Porteñazo coup in 1962.

San Esteban National Park also protects other historical values: the Spaniards trail from Puerto Cabello to Valencia, and its ogival bridge; San Esteban's town; the house of General Bartolomé Salom, an independence hero; the indigenous Salt Road between Patanemo and Guacara and Piedras Pintadas the petroglyph's site of Tronconero.

You can access the Solano Outpost from Puerto Cabello by the road to San Esteban. The place has a paved access. However, during our visits, there is nobody to interpret us the place. It is a pity to possess history and not to be able to learn it better.

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